Customs Permits

Customs permits assure that you don’t physically go the customs office for the customs declarations.
Can you imagine what impact that will have on our economy if we accommodate every customs declaration at the customs office. With the customs permits your logistics can be in time. By the requirements of the permits the customs can handle the control tasks.

The customs has a lot of permits for example:

  • AEO
  • Customs warehouse Authorization
  • Inward processing authorization
  • Permit entry in the records of the declarant
  • Registration electronic messaging
  • Registered exporter
  • Other many more permits

Apply for customs license.

Apply for customs licenses can be difficult. You need to be informed for which procedure your requesting a license. Often there are other customs licenses necessary.
To obtain and maintain those permits the customs demand that you are compliance.
The compliancy is requested to prevent that goods are taken out of customs supervision.
With our knowledge we can provide your company support for obtaining and maintaining customs licenses and be customs compliance.

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